• Brand Features: Angrox manufactured bare bulb with exact compatibility,unique performance for your projectors.Well experienced in producing,installing,adjusting bulbs make it effective.Offering premium return and full refund service without any limitations.
  • Lamp Models Available : RLC-094 RLC-095 RLC-096 RLC-097 RLC-098 RLC-100 BL-FU260C BL-FU260B
  • COMPATIBLE MODULES: Applicable for ViewSonic PJD7828HDL PJD7720HD PJD7831HDL PJD6352 PJD6352LS PJD6552LW PJD5155L PJD6250L PJD7525W PJD7325 PJD7830HDL PJD6250L, Optoma EH416 W416 X416 DU380 WU416 GT5500+ GT5500 EH320UST EH320USTi W320UST W320USTi EH319UST EH319USTi
  • Product Features: Angrox manufactured bare bulb be compatible for most housings which the house matched with your accurate projector models.This bare bulb is an universal product for the projectors.With higher performance including brightness,real color,clearer picture.Performs the same function as original.Longer lifttime makes your projector always keep excellent working.Higher temperature resistance with optimized buner design.Light weight and compact reflector lamps with ECG.
  • WARRANTY AND RETURN: New replaced lamp will be shipped to you when your bulb was out of work naturally in 150 days. Refundable issue please contacts our 24 hours/7 days customer service. It is our appreciations if you need any further assistance.

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Angrox Projector Lamp Bulb for ViewSonic PJD7828HDL PJD7720HD PJD7831HDL PJD5155L PJD6352 PJD6352LS PJD6552LW PJD6250L PJD7525W PJD7325 PJD7830HDL PJD6250L

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  • First Available:2019-01-22
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